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Luxury Portugal develops marketing campaigns with the option of sending via traditional mail and digital marketing campaigns via email or mobile for targeted email lists.

The Luxury Portugal marketing department is formed by a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team, composed of professionals from advertising, graphic design, marketing, systems analysis and journalism, capable of managing effective digital marketing actions.

From planning, through the creation of sites with complex schedules, intuitive navigation, layout and optimized content, as well as management of web campaigns and relationship with social networks.

Internet advertising campaigns provide efficient results in the short, medium and long term. Despite the ease of use, for a company to achieve success on the internet, it is necessary to plan efficiently its positioning and actions.

We plan campaigns tailored to the needs of our customers by adopting and implementing in a segmented manner (focusing on the audience that they want to reach) each of the actions through a thorough study of the market and internet traffic.

Our campaigns are accompanied with links for the client to follow the campaign in real time.

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